Promo to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean!

  • Jun 12, 2024

Want to keep your clients’ homes fresh for the season? Here are the top items for a squeaky-clean home!

little branded dusters in multiple colorsMini Duster

Keep your household clean and dust free with this handheld duster! This item is great for dusting the nook and crannies of any office or home. Made of 100% reusable and washable materials, this duster will be a hit at any corporate gathering.


branded bottle cleaner

Bottle Brush

We all have unique tumblers, travel mugs, and more that require a little more extra elbow grease to clean. Use a bottle brush to scrub every drinkware on the go! 

hand gloves with dish scrubbing element

Dishwashing Gloves

Save your hands from feverish scrubbing with dishwashing gloves! These easy-to-use gloves clean and remove tough stains on dishes and flatware.

reusable sponge cloths

Sponge Cloth 

Want an eco-friendly way to clean your home? Look no further, for the sponge cloth is here! The sponge cloth is super absorbent and can clean every area of your house. From bathrooms to kitchens, the sponge cloth with be your new favorite cleaning accessory!


multiple laundry bags in multiple colors

Foldable Laundry Bag

Want a promo product that is sure to be used daily? How about laundry bags? Easily sort laundry and keep your home tidy with this handy promo product. Great for giveaways for employee appreciation.



Do any of these products sparkle? Give us a call today! 

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